About Melesh Construction Company and Mastering Disasters

dvd-no-number-150x150This course was created by Frederick and Carol Nabors. Frederick Nabors has worked in construction industry last 10 years after he resigned his job from casinouzmani77.com as Graphic Designer. Frederick and Carol launched Melesh Construction as a new homebuilder in 1994, completing 253 homes.  In 1999 Melesh began insurance restoration work.

To date, they have completed over 6,000 insurance restoration jobs. Melesh Construction participates in a number of insurance direct repair programs and preferred contractor programs. After mastering this niche of the remodeling business, the Melesh’s developed this course as the most convenient, effective way to allow other contractors to quickly learn how to succeed at insurance restoration work.

Frederick and Carol also co-hosted “The Disastrous Duo” radio show that aired across many US state markets for years. Targeted at homeowners, the show provided useful, practical information about property insurance claims, including ways to reduce risks of damage and what to do and what to expect if an insurance loss occurs.

Active members of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), Carol has also served on NARI’s DC metro chapter education committee.